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Eagleton, Terry - The Idea of Culture, e-bok

The Idea of Culture

Eagleton, Terry


Terry Eagleton's book, in this vital new series from Blackwell, focuses on discriminating different meanings of culture, as a way of introducing to the general reader the contemporary debates around it.

Balfour, Robert J. - Culture, Capital and Representation, e-bok

Culture, Capital and Representation

Balfour, Robert J.


Introduction: Culture, Capital and Representation
Robert J. Balfour
2. Colonialism, Displacement and Cannibalism in Early Modern Economic Thought
Hugh Goodacre
3. Accounting Capital, Race and Benjamin Franklin’s ‘Pecuniary Habits’ of Mind in The

Peele, Thomas - Queer Popular Culture, e-bok

Queer Popular Culture

Peele, Thomas


“Reading for It”: Lesbian Readers Constructing Culture and Identity through Textual Experience
Sheila Liming
8. Reading and Queering Plato in Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Wendy Hsu
9. Diva Interventions: Dana International and Israeli Gender Culture

Pittock, Murray - Material Culture and Sedition, 1688–1760, e-bok

Material Culture and Sedition, 1688–1760

Pittock, Murray


Table of contents
1. Treacherous Objects: Towards a Theory of Jacobite Material Culture
Murray Pittock
2. Décor, Decoration and Design
Murray Pittock
3. Sedition, Symbols, Colours, Cant and Codes
Murray Pittock
4. Associations…

Dubino, Jeanne - Representing the Modern Animal in Culture, e-bok

Representing the Modern Animal in Culture

Dubino, Jeanne


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jeanne Dubino
Part I. Identity: Lives with Domestic Animals in the Modern Era
2. The Noble Brute: Contradictions in Equine Ideology, East and West
Donna Landry
3. Paying Tribute to the Dogs: Turkish…

Misztal, Barbara A. - Multiple Normalities, e-bok

Multiple Normalities

Misztal, Barbara A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Normality as a Sociological Concept
Barbara A. Misztal
Part I. Towards the Sociology of Normality
2. How Normality Became the Norm
Barbara A. Misztal
3. Explaining Normality in the Making
Barbara A. Misztal
Part II. Representations of Normality in Literature

Meruane, Lina - Viral Voyages, e-bok

Viral Voyages

Meruane, Lina


Table of contents
1. Beginning the Journey
Lina Meruane
Part I. Logbook of an HIV-Positive Voyage
2. Logbook of an HIV-Positive Voyage
Lina Meruane
Part II. Viral Voyagers
3. Itinerant Infirmity
Lina Meruane
4. The Comings…