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Young, Robert JC - Empire, Colony, Postcolony, e-bok

Empire, Colony, Postcolony

Young, Robert JC


This key introduction to the field explains in clear and accessible language the historical and theoretical origins of the political formations of empire, colony, postcolony, nation and globalization. Providing a clear and effective historical narrative for students, the text leads readers

Brevik, Frank W. - <Emphasis Type="Italic">The Tempest</Emphasis> and New World-Utopian Politics, e-bok

The Tempest and New World-Utopian Politics

Brevik, Frank W.


Such Maps as Dreams Are Made On: Discourse, Utopian Geography, and The Tempest’s Island
Frank W. Brevik
4. Calibans Anonymous: The Journey from Text to Self in Modern Criticism
Frank W. Brevik
Part III. Subversive American Adams and Anarchic Utopists

Dow, Gillian - Uses of Austen, e-bok

Uses of Austen

Dow, Gillian


The Ethics of Geography: Women as Readers and Dancers in Gurinder Chadha’s Bride and Prejudice (2004)
Stephanie Jones
11. ‘Bin Laden a Huge Jane Austen Fan’: Jane Austen in Contemporary Political Discourse
Mary Ann O’Farrell
12. What Would Jane