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Eaglestone, Robert - Teaching Holocaust Literature and Film, e-bok

Teaching Holocaust Literature and Film

Eaglestone, Robert


Mass Culture/Mass Media/Mass Death: Teaching Film, Television, and the Holocaust
Barry Langford
7. “Representing the Holocaust”: an Interdisciplinary Module
Antony Rowland
8. Teaching the Holocaust in French Studies:

Gandal, Keith - Class Representation in Modern Fiction and Film, e-bok

Class Representation in Modern Fiction and Film

Gandal, Keith


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Keith Gandal
I. Slumming Drama
2. Award-Winning Hollywood Blockbusters
Keith Gandal
3. A Shameful Look at Zora Neale Hurston
Keith Gandal
II. Class and Status Trauma
4. Nauseating Indie Films
Keith Gandal
5. A Spiritual Autopsy of Stephen Crane

Murphy, Terence Patrick - From Fairy Tale to Film Screenplay, e-bok

From Fairy Tale to Film Screenplay

Murphy, Terence Patrick


Table of contents
1. From the Hollywood Paradigm to the Proppian Plot Genotype
Terence Patrick Murphy
2. Vladimir Propp’s Functional Analysis of the Fairy Tale
Terence Patrick Murphy
3. A Functional Analysis of Charles Perrault’s…

Cartmell, Deborah - A Companion to Literature, Film, and Adaptation, e-bok

A Companion to Literature, Film, and Adaptation

Cartmell, Deborah

Från 43,55€

Incorporates new research in adaptation studies Features a chapter on the Harry Potter franchise, as well as other contemporary perspectives Showcases work by leading Shakespeare adaptation scholars Explores fascinating topics such as ‘unfilmable’ texts Includes