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Budra, Paul - Shakespeare and Consciousness, e-bok

Shakespeare and Consciousness

Budra, Paul


Consciousness, Cognitive Science, and Character
2. Consciousness and Cognition in Shakespeare and Beyond
Clifford Werier
3. Shakespeare Studies and Consciousness
Edward Pechter
4. Hamlet in the Bat Cave
Paul Budra
Part II. Consciousness and

Carroll, Joseph - Graphing Jane Austen, e-bok

Graphing Jane Austen

Carroll, Joseph


Table of contents
0. Introduction
1. Introduction
Joseph Carroll, Jonathan Gottschall, John A. Johnson, Daniel J. Kruger
Part I. Methods and Results
2. A User’s Manual
Joseph Carroll, Jonathan Gottschall, John A. Johnson, Daniel…

Pettersson, Anders - The Concept of Literary Application, e-bok

The Concept of Literary Application

Pettersson, Anders


Table of contents
1. The Application of Literature to Life
Anders Pettersson
2. Examples of Application
Anders Pettersson
3. Application and the Act of Reading
Anders Pettersson
4. Literature and Cognitive Enrichment
Anders Pettersson
5. Transportation and Empathy
Anders Pettersson