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Pedwell, Carolyn - Affective Relations, e-bok

Affective Relations

Pedwell, Carolyn


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Empathy, Emotional Politics and Transnationality
Carolyn Pedwell
2. Economies of Empathy: Obama, Neoliberalism and Social Justice
Carolyn Pedwell
3. Affective (Self-) Transformations: Empathy, Mediation and International Development
Carolyn Pedwell
4. Affect at the

Higgins, David - Romantic Englishness, e-bok

Romantic Englishness

Higgins, David


‘These circuits, that have been made around the globe’: William Cowper’s Glocal Vision
David Higgins
3. Local and Global Geographies: Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Wordsworths
David Higgins
4. Labouring-Class Localism: Samuel Bamford, Thomas