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Milder, Robert - Exiled Royalties : Melville and the Life We Imagine, e-bok

Exiled Royalties : Melville and the Life We Imagine

Milder, Robert


Conceived separately but narratively and thematically intertwined, the ten essays in the book are rooted in a belief that "Melville's work," as Charles Olson said, "must be left in his own 'life,'" which for Milder means primarily his spiritual, psychological, and

Samuels, Shirley - Facing America : Iconography and the Civil War, e-bok

Facing America : Iconography and the Civil War

Samuels, Shirley


To conjure a face for the nation, author Shirley Samuels also explores the body of the nation imagined both physically and metaphorically, arguing that the Civil War marks a dramatic shift from identifying the American nation as feminine to identifying it as masculine.

Lincoln, Kenneth - Cormac McCarthy, e-bok

Cormac McCarthy

Lincoln, Kenneth


Table of contents
1. Headnote Penetrant and Simple: The Common Reader
Kenneth Lincoln
2. Prologue Western Storykeeper: Life and Times
Kenneth Lincoln
3. Canticles Down West: Hyperrealism
Kenneth Lincoln
4. Back to Appalachia: The Orchard Keeper
Kenneth Lincoln
5. Dark Is a Way: Outer Dark