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Holohan, Conn - Masculinity and Irish Popular Culture, e-bok

Masculinity and Irish Popular Culture

Holohan, Conn


‘He’s a Good Soldier, He Cares About the Future’: Post-Feminist Masculinities, the IRA Man and ‘Peace’ in Northern Ireland
Sarah Edge
16. Pure Male: Masculine Spaces and Stasis in Eugene O’Brien’s Pure Mule (2005)
Barry Monahan
Part V.

Szefel, Lisa - The Gospel of Beauty in the Progressive Era, e-bok

The Gospel of Beauty in the Progressive Era

Szefel, Lisa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lisa Szefel
2. Genteel Designs, Modern Renovations: Poetics and the Poetic Community from Hearth to Dynamo
Lisa Szefel
3. Reforming Verse, Uplifting Society: The Labor Theory of Poetic Value
Lisa Szefel
4. Curating a Community, Engineering a Renaissance: A New Infrastructure