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DiPlacidi, Jenny - After Marriage in the Long Eighteenth Century, e-bok

After Marriage in the Long Eighteenth Century

DiPlacidi, Jenny


‘Be but a Little Deaf and Blind … and Happiness You’ll Surely Find’: Marriage in Eighteenth-Century Magazines for Women
Jennie Batchelor
7. The Making and Breaking of Wedlock: Visualising Jane, Duchess of Gordon After Marriage
Heather Carroll

Cheney, Patrick - Reading Sixteenth-Century Poetry, e-bok

Reading Sixteenth-Century Poetry

Cheney, Patrick


Reading Sixteenth-Century Poetry combines close readings of individual poems with a critical consideration of the historical context in which they were written. Informative and original, this book has been carefully designed to enable readers to understand, enjoy, and be inspired by sixteenth-

Sussman, Charlotte - Eighteenth Century English Literature, e-bok

Eighteenth Century English Literature

Sussman, Charlotte


This engaging book introduces new readers of eighteenth-century texts to some of the major works, authors, and debates of a key period of literary history. Rather than simply providing a chronological survey of the era, this book analyzes the impact of significant cultural developments on

Hibbitt, Richard - Other Capitals of the Nineteenth Century, e-bok

Other Capitals of the Nineteenth Century

Hibbitt, Richard


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Other Capitals of the Nineteenth Century
Richard Hibbitt
Part I. Beyond Paris
2. Local-Colour Literature and Cultural Nations
Josephine Donovan
3. They Fluttered like Moths: Exile and Cosmopolitanism in the Work of Germaine de Staël and Georg Brandes
Lynn R. Wilkinson