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Schaffer, Gavin - The Vision of a Nation, e-bok

The Vision of a Nation

Schaffer, Gavin


The Vision of a Nation: Introduction
Gavin Schaffer
2. ‘The First Bridge’: Programmes for Immigrants on British Television
Gavin Schaffer
3. Race in News and Current Affairs: Principles and Practice
Gavin Schaffer
4. Dealing with Racial

Stephenson, David - Visions of Heaven, e-bok

Visions of Heaven

Stephenson, David


Table of contents
1. Admiration and Awe
Keith F. Davis
2. Classical, Byzantine, Islamic, Romanesque, and Gothic Architecture
3. The Renaissance
4. The Baroque in Southern and Western Europe
5. The Baroque and Rococo in Central and…

Glas, Gerrit - Hearing Visions and Seeing Voices, e-bok

Hearing Visions and Seeing Voices

Glas, Gerrit


Table of contents
Part I. Historical and Conceptual Issues
1. Introduction to Historical and Conceptual Issues
Gerrit Glas
2. Psychiatry and Religion
Herman M. Van Praag
3. Biblical Narratives as History
C. Stephen Evans

Macdonald, Iain - Hybrid Practices in Moving Image Design, e-bok

Hybrid Practices in Moving Image Design

Macdonald, Iain


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Iain Macdonald
Part I. Hybrid Motion: Past, Present and Future
2. Heritage and Digital
Iain Macdonald
3. Skills and Educational Research
Iain Macdonald
4. Hybrid Futures in Art & Design…

Gockel, Tilo - Kompendium digitale Fotografie, e-bok

Kompendium digitale Fotografie

Gockel, Tilo


Table of contents
1. Licht
Tilo Gockel
2. Kameratechnik
Tilo Gockel
3. Scharfe, rauscharme Bilder
Tilo Gockel
4. Blitz gekauft, was nun?
Tilo Gockel
5. Makrofotografie
Tilo Gockel
6. Panoramafotografie

McElhaney, Joe - A Companion to Fritz Lang, e-bok

A Companion to Fritz Lang

McElhaney, Joe


This collection of critical essays offers an unrivalled andup-to-the-minute assessment of the prolific and resilient life andvision of one of cinema’s greatest auteurs.The first edited collection of essays on Fritz Lang’sbody of work in over…