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Henry, Matthew A. - <Emphasis Type="Italic">The Simpsons</Emphasis>, Satire, and American Culture, e-bok

The Simpsons, Satire, and American Culture

Henry, Matthew A.


“You’re an American Now”: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality on The Simpsons
Matthew A. Henry
4. “Don’t Ask Me, I’m Just a Girl”: Feminism, Female Identity, and The Simpsons
Matthew A. Henry
5. “The Whole World’s Gone Gay!”: Gay Identity,

Tasker, Yvonne - The Hollywood Action and Adventure Film, e-bok

The Hollywood Action and Adventure Film

Tasker, Yvonne


Draws on a wide range of examples, spanning the silent spectacles of early cinema to the iconic superheroes of 21st-century action films Features case studies revealing the genre’s diverse roots – from westerns and war films, to crime and espionage movies Explores a rich variety

Arnold, Dana - A Companion to British Art: 1600 to the Present, e-bok

A Companion to British Art: 1600 to the Present

Arnold, Dana


A generously-illustrated collection of newly-commissioned essays which provides a comprehensive introduction to the history of British artCombines original research with a survey of existing scholarship and the state of the field Touches on the whole of the history of British art, from 800-2000, with increasing

Kendrick, James - A Companion to the Action Film, e-bok

A Companion to the Action Film

Kendrick, James


This important resource:  Offers a definitive guide to the action film Contains insightful contributions from a wide range of international film experts and scholars Reviews the evolution of the genre from the silent era to today’s age of digital blockbusters Offers nuanced commentary and analysis

Browning, John Edgar - Speaking of Monsters, e-bok

Speaking of Monsters

Browning, John Edgar


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Monstrosity and Multiculturalism
Caroline Joan (Kay) S. Picart, John Edgar Browning
Section I. General Theories of Monstrosity
2. Monster Culture (Seven Theses)(Extract)
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen
3. Dread, Taboo, and the Thing (1982): Toward a Social Theory of the Horror Film