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Watanabe, Mariko - Recovering Financial Systems, e-bok

Recovering Financial Systems

Watanabe, Mariko


Table of contents
1. Introduction: From Government Allocation to Market Adjustment
Mariko Watanabe
Part I. Macro Performance: How has the Government Affected Macro Performance?
2. Macroeconomic Stability and Seigniorage for Fiscal Revenue:…

Abegglen, James C. - 21st-Century Japanese Management, e-bok

21st-Century Japanese Management

Abegglen, James C.


Table of contents
1. Perspective on a Half-Century
James C. Abegglen
2. Redesign for a Competitive Future
James C. Abegglen
3. The Graying of Japan: The End of Growth?
James C. Abegglen
4. Japanese Style Management
James C. Abegglen
5. A Perfect Financial Storm
James C. Abegglen

Emmitt, Stephen - Design Management for Architects, e-bok

Design Management for Architects

Emmitt, Stephen


This unique guide helps architects improve their management skills by addressing the relationship between the management of the design project and the design office. The author demonstrates how a professionally managed project,