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Cranny-Francis, Anne - Technology and Touch, e-bok

Technology and Touch

Cranny-Francis, Anne


Technology: Theorizing Human-Technology Interaction
3. Technology: Theorizing Human-Technology Interaction
Anne Cranny-Francis
Part I. Technologies of Touch
4. Eye Feel: Visuality and Touch
Anne Cranny-Francis

Cohen, Adam Max - Shakespeare and Technology, e-bok

Shakespeare and Technology

Cohen, Adam Max


Englishing the Globe: Navigational Technology on and Around Shakespeare’s Stages
Adam Max Cohen
3. “We Live in a Printing Age”: Shakespeare and the Print Revolution
Adam Max Cohen
4. Weapons of Fire and Shakespeare’s Dramatic Trajectory

Emmitt, Stephen - Architectural Technology, e-bok

Architectural Technology

Emmitt, Stephen


Since the publication of the first edition of Architectural Technology, in 2002, there have been significant developments in the number of courses, the profile of the discipline as well as significant changes in the Construction sector.
The Second edition of Architectural Technology

Broadhurst, Susan - Performance and Technology, e-bok

Performance and Technology

Broadhurst, Susan


Table of contents
1. Bodies Without Bodies
Susan Melrose
2. Truth-Seeker’s Allowance: Digitising Artaud
Steve Dixon
3. Transformed Landscapes: The Choreographic Displacement of Location and Locomotion in Film
John Cook
4. Saira Virous: Game Choreography in Multiplayer Online Performance Spaces

Rando, David P. - Hope and Wish Image in Music Technology, e-bok

Hope and Wish Image in Music Technology

Rando, David P.


The Artist and Technology: William Gaddis’s Agapē Agape, or the World’s Smallest Player Piano Playing Itself Just for You
David P. Rando
6. “The Enemy Has Never Ceased to Be Victorious”: Anne Frank and Neutral Milk Hotel
David P. Rando
7. Technology,

Emmitt, Stephen - Architectural Technology, e-bok

Architectural Technology

Emmitt, Stephen


This core textbook brings together for the first time the technical, legal, social and philosophical issues under the umbrella of architectural technology.
Part 1 covers the influences that affect the way we build - the environmental agenda, the human…

Harlow, Summer - Liberation Technology in El Salvador, e-bok

Liberation Technology in El Salvador

Harlow, Summer


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Summer Harlow
2. The Roots of El Salvador’s Alternative and Digital Media Environment
Summer Harlow
3. Diario CoLatino
Summer Harlow
4. Radio Victoria
Summer Harlow
5. Voces