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Cooper, Rachel - Designing Sustainable Cities, e-bok

Designing Sustainable Cities

Cooper, Rachel


This book offers practical solutions to achieving sustainable urban design and development, and helps designers communicate these solutions effectively to planners, developers and policy makers.
Addressing sustainability issues in relation to the

Lo, Alex - Carbon Trading in China, e-bok

Carbon Trading in China

Lo, Alex


Table of contents
1. New Episode
Alex Lo
2. Political Economy of Carbon Trading
Alex Lo
3. Political and Policy Background
Alex Lo
4. Who Is Leading? State or Finance?
Alex Lo
5. Policy Change, Discourse, and Storyline

Almusaed, Amjad - Biophilic and Bioclimatic Architecture, e-bok

Biophilic and Bioclimatic Architecture

Almusaed, Amjad


Table of contents
1. Overview
Amjad Almusaed
2. Architectural Hypothesis
Amjad Almusaed
3. Architectural Theory
Amjad Almusaed
4. Biophilic Architecture Hypothesis
Amjad Almusaed
5. Introduction on Plants and Vegetations

Katodrytis, George - UAE and the Gulf: Architecture and Urbanism Now, e-bok

UAE and the Gulf: Architecture and Urbanism Now

Katodrytis, George


By presenting the architecture of UAE and the Gulf within the context of broader regional developments and global trends, it highlights how projects in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have contributed to unprecedented urban growth, while emphasising the continuing

Yin, Jordan - Urban Planning For Dummies, e-bok

Urban Planning For Dummies

Yin, Jordan


In Urban Planning For Dummies, readers will get a practical overview of this fascinating field, including studying community demographics, determining the best uses for land, planning economic and transportation development, and implementing plans. Following an introductory