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Iosifidis, Petros - Global Media and Communication Policy, e-bok

Global Media and Communication Policy

Iosifidis, Petros


Global Communication Theories and the Nation-State
5. Global Communication Paradigms
Petros Iosifidis
6. Globalization and the Nation-State
Petros Iosifidis
Part III. Supranational Bodies
7. Supranational Bodies, Non-State Actors and Global Media

Syvertsen, Trine - Media Resistance, e-bok

Media Resistance

Syvertsen, Trine


Evil Media in Dystopian Fiction
Trine Syvertsen
4. “Get a Life!” Anti-Television Agitation and Activism
Trine Syvertsen
5. “Caught in the Net”: Online and Social Media Disappointment and Detox

Kaul, Chandrika - Communications, Media and the Imperial Experience, e-bok

Communications, Media and the Imperial Experience

Kaul, Chandrika


India as Viewed by the American Media: Chicago Daily Tribune, William Shirer and Gandhian Nationalism, 1930–1
Chandrika Kaul
4. ‘Invisible Empire Tie’: Broadcasting and the British Raj in the Interwar Years
Chandrika Kaul
5. ‘Operation Seduction’:

El-Richani, Sarah - The Lebanese Media, e-bok

The Lebanese Media

El-Richani, Sarah


Theoretical Overview: Comparative Media Studies and the Lebanese State
Sarah El-Richani
3. Anatomy of the Lebanese Media
Sarah El-Richani
4. Moving Beyond: Amended Dimensions, Salient Factors—An Emerging Model
Sarah El-Richani
5. Conclusions,

Jalil, Zubaidah Abdul - Media in the Middle East, e-bok

Media in the Middle East

Jalil, Zubaidah Abdul


On Media Activism and Political Involvement
1. Revisiting Cyberactivism Six Years after the Arab Spring: Potentials, Limitations and Future Prospects
Sahar Khamis
2. Constructing an Alternative Public Sphere: The Cultural Significance of Social Media in