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Calosse, Jp. A. - Piet Mondrian, e-bok

Piet Mondrian

Calosse, Jp. A.


Pieter Cornelis Mondrian (1872-1944) gehört zu den bedeutendsten Vertretern der niederländischen Kunstströmung „De Stijl“ und war für die Entwicklung der geometrischen Abstraktion von zentraler Bedeutung. Zunächst verwendete er die Farbe als…

Calosse, Jp. A. - Mondrian, e-bok


Calosse, Jp. A.


Piet Mondrian (7 March 1872 – 1 February 1944) was a Dutch painter inspired by the Cubism of Picasso. His art evolved into an abstract geometric style termed “Neo-Plasticism”, painting mostly abstract checkerboards in primary colours; he painted…

Kempen, Ronald - Mass Housing in Europe, e-bok

Mass Housing in Europe

Kempen, Ronald


Effects of Physical Measures on Social Cohesion: Case Studies in the Netherlands and Slovenia
Karien Dekker, Maša Filipovič
Part III. Difference in Policy and Approach
8. Large Housing Estates, Policy Interventions and the Implications for Policy Transfer

Handicott, Ben - 50 Museums to Blow Your Mind, e-bok

50 Museums to Blow Your Mind

Handicott, Ben


Never drag your heels around a dull museum again! Then & now // History museums Acropolis Museum // Greece British Museum // UK Forbidden City // China Goethe House & Goethe Museum // Germany Imperial War Museum // UK Museum of Alchemists & Magicians of Old Prague // Czech Republic Museum