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McIlwaine, Cathy - Cross-Border Migration among Latin Americans, e-bok

Cross-Border Migration among Latin Americans

McIlwaine, Cathy


Policy Change from Below: Recognizing Migrants’ Political Agency among Latin Americans in London
Davide Però
8. Conceptualizing Human Well-Being from a Gender and Life Course Perspective: The Case of Peruvian Migrants in London
Katie Wright
9. Gender

Balci, Bayram - China and India in Central Asia, e-bok

China and India in Central Asia

Balci, Bayram


Table of contents
1. Why Central Asia? The Strategic Rationale of Indian and Chinese Involvement in the Region
Marlène Laruelle, Jean-François Huchet, Sébastien Peyrouse, Bayram Balci
Part I. Negotiating Projections of Power in Central Asia

Kempen, Ronald - Mass Housing in Europe, e-bok

Mass Housing in Europe

Kempen, Ronald


Table of contents
1. Mass Housing Estates on Different Tracks: An Introduction to the Book
Sako Musterd, Ronald Kempen, Rob Rowlands
2. Theories of Neighbourhood Change and Decline: Their Significance for Post-WWII Large Housing Estates in…

Fonjong, Lotsmart - Saving the Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa, e-bok

Saving the Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Fonjong, Lotsmart


Economic, Political, and Social Context
William T. Markham, Lotsmart Fonjong
6. A Profile of the NGOs
William T. Markham, Lotsmart Fonjong
7. The Biggest Problem: Money
William T. Markham, Lotsmart Fonjong
8. Relationships with Government

Lichtenfels, Peter - Performance, Politics and Activism, e-bok

Performance, Politics and Activism

Lichtenfels, Peter


Expanding the Political with Performance
2. Performance and Language Diversity in a Globalizing World
Moradewun Adejunmobi
3. Zooming In and Out: Tactical Media Performance in Transnational Contexts
Marcela A. Fuentes
4. The Role of Theatre in the