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Conley, Tom - A Companion to Jean-Luc Godard, e-bok

A Companion to Jean-Luc Godard

Conley, Tom


This compendium of original essays offers invaluable insights into the life and works of one of the most important and influential directors in the history of cinema, exploring his major films, philosophy, politics, and connections to other critics and…

Dépelteau, François - Investigating <Emphasis Type="Italic">Shrek</Emphasis>, e-bok

Investigating Shrek

Dépelteau, François


“Happiness Is Just a Teardrop Away”: A Neo-Marxist Interpretation of Shrek
Alexander Spencer, Judith Renner, Andreas Kruck
Part II. Shrek in Context
6. The Mouse Is Dead, Long Live the Ogre: Shrek and the Boundaries of Transgression
Daniel Downes,