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Gregory, Georgina - Relocating Popular Music, e-bok

Relocating Popular Music

Gregory, Georgina


Recycled Music for Banal Nation: The Case of Serbia 1999– 2010
Srđan Atanasovski
6. ‘Escape and Build another World’: Relocations in Classical Minimalism and Minimal Techno
Isabel Stoppani Berrié
Part II.

Cyrino, Monica S. - Classical Myth on Screen, e-bok

Classical Myth on Screen

Cyrino, Monica S.


Magic, Music, Race: Screening “Black Enchantment” after Black Orpheus (1959)
Monica S. Cyrino
12. Re-conceiving Hercules: Divine Paternity and Christian Anxiety in Hercules (2005)
Meredith E. Safran
13. The Twilight of Olympus: Deicide and the End

Davies, David - Philosophy of the Performing Arts, e-bok

Philosophy of the Performing Arts

Davies, David


Presents the significant philosophical issues concerning the performing arts in an accessible style, assuming no prior knowledge
Provides a critical overview and a comprehensive framework for thinking about the performing arts
Examines the assumption that classical