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Dallas, Sue - Animal Biology and Care, e-bok

Animal Biology and Care

Dallas, Sue


Designed specifically to meet the requirements of animal care, pre-veterinary nursing auxiliary and care students;

Provides basic training in animal biology and care, with particular attention given to those subjects that students find

Cahalan, S. - Veterinary Embryology, e-bok

Veterinary Embryology

Cahalan, S.

Från 93,45€

This textbook provides information relevant to many subjects taught in preclinical, paraclinical and clinical years. Early chapters describe and explain sequential events relating to the division, growth and differentiation of cells and to the formation of foetal membranes,

Coumbe, Karen - Equine Veterinary Nursing Manual, e-bok

Equine Veterinary Nursing Manual

Coumbe, Karen


Key subjects include: medical and surgical equine nursing; equine stud medicine; basic equine management, and the theory underpinning all these and other important topics.
The book also includes innovative chapters on nutrition, imaging, anatomy and physiology.

Mellor, David - The Sciences of Animal Welfare, e-bok

The Sciences of Animal Welfare

Mellor, David


The Sciences of Animal Welfare analyses the diverse, interconnecting subjects which constitute this fascinating multidisciplinary field, whilst also considering the limitations and benefits of those subjects to the development and future of Animal Welfare

Elefteriou, Anastasios - Methods for the Study of Marine Benthos, e-bok

Methods for the Study of Marine Benthos

Elefteriou, Anastasios


In response to the need for increasingly detailed information on bottom-living communities, this fully revised new edition offers:

Contributions from a broad range of internationally recognised expertsNew information for those compiling environmental impact statements, pollution assessments