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Hahn, Alicia - Zoo and Wild Mammal Formulary, e-bok

Zoo and Wild Mammal Formulary

Hahn, Alicia


Zoo and Wild Mammal Formulary offers fast access to authoritative dosing information for drugs used in more than 35 zoo and wild mammal groups, including marsupials, bears, and elephants. Taking an easy-to-use tabular format, the book is organized by taxa, with drug doses sorted by type

Gage, Laurie J. - Hand-Rearing Wild and Domestic Mammals, e-bok

Hand-Rearing Wild and Domestic Mammals

Gage, Laurie J.


Some of the topics covered in each chapter of this book include:
* Assessment of the neonate
* Specialised equipment
* Expected weight gains
* Formula selection and preparation
* Weaning techniques
* Housing
* Common medical problems
Detailed chapters are devoted to the following