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Mills, Daniel S. - Equine Behaviour: Principles and Practice, e-bok

Equine Behaviour: Principles and Practice

Mills, Daniel S.


Understanding the flexibility and limits of behaviour is essential to improving both the horse's welfare and its performance. This book tackles the fundamental principles which will enable owners, riders, trainers and students to understand scientific principles and apply them in practice.

Mellor, David - The Sciences of Animal Welfare, e-bok

The Sciences of Animal Welfare

Mellor, David


This book examines past, present and future practices and thinking, including the wide-ranging interests within society that influence attitudes towards animals and conversely how animal welfare scientists may influence those attitudes.

Houlihan, Dominic - Food Intake in Fish, e-bok

Food Intake in Fish

Houlihan, Dominic


For example a thorough knowledge of factors influencing the ingestion of feed can lead to successful manipulation of the rearing environment of cultured fishes, thereby ensuring improved growth performance and feed utilisation,

Craig, John F. - Freshwater Fisheries Ecology, e-bok

Freshwater Fisheries Ecology

Craig, John F.


These dynamics are diverse, as are the earth?s freshwater fisheries resources (from boreal to tropical regions), and these influence how fisheries are both utilized and abused. Three main types of fisheries are illustrated within the book: artisanal, commercial and