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Breme, Jürgen - Metallic Biomaterial Interfaces, e-bok

Metallic Biomaterial Interfaces

Breme, Jürgen


Clearly divided into three sections on the interface influence of materials and surface modifications, the physical and physicochemical surface characterization, and the biological characterization of the interface and biosystem reactions, this book is the first to concentrate on the highly

Whitehurst, Robert J. - Enzymes in Food Technology, e-bok

Enzymes in Food Technology

Whitehurst, Robert J.


The properties of different enzymes are linked to the physical and biochemical events that they influence in food materials and products, while these in turn are related to the key organoleptic, sensory and shelf life qualities of foods.
Fully updated to reflect

Brooks, John - Biofilms in the Dairy Industry, e-bok

Biofilms in the Dairy Industry

Brooks, John


The second section of the book focuses on specific biofilm-related issues, including the quality of raw milk influenced by biofilms, biofilm formation by thermoduric streptococci and thermophilic spore-forming bacteria in dairy manufacturing plants, the presence of

Conforti, Frank D. - Food Selection and Preparation: A Laboratory Manual, e-bok

Food Selection and Preparation: A Laboratory Manual

Conforti, Frank D.


New to this edition are over 50 additional recipes, which reflect the many tastes that influence today's palate. All recipes have been reviewed and updated to ensure healthful and nutritious food preparation, as well as product quality and performance. Students and