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Law, Barry A. - Technology of Cheesemaking, e-bok

Technology of Cheesemaking

Law, Barry A.


Now in a fully-revised and updated second edition, this book covers the science and technology underlying cheesemaking as practised today in the manufacture of hard, semi-soft and mould-ripened cheeses. Including three new chapters on milk handling prior to cheesemaking; packaging; and major

Britz, Trevor - Advanced Dairy Science and Technology, e-bok

Advanced Dairy Science and Technology

Britz, Trevor


This important and comprehensive book covers, in depth, the most important recent advances in dairy technology. Providing core commercially important information for the dairy industry, the editors, both internationally known for their work in this area, have drawn together an impressive

Campbell-Platt, Geoffrey - Food Science and Technology, e-bok

Food Science and Technology

Campbell-Platt, Geoffrey


Food Science and Technology, Second Edition is a comprehensive text and reference book designed to cover all the essential elements of food science and technology, including all core aspects of major food science and technology

Rajah, Kanes K. - Fats in Food Technology, e-bok

Fats in Food Technology

Rajah, Kanes K.


Fats in Food Technology, Second Edition is an in-depth examination of the roles and behaviours of fats in food technology and the benefits that they impart to consumers. It considers both fats that are naturally present in foods

Fan, Xuetong - Food Irradiation Research and Technology, e-bok

Food Irradiation Research and Technology

Fan, Xuetong


This updated second edition of Food Irradiation Research and Technology reviews the latest developments in irradiation technologies as they are applied to meat, seafood fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Experts from industry,

Chu, YiFang - Oats Nutrition and Technology, e-bok

Oats Nutrition and Technology

Chu, YiFang

Från 165,35€

A considerable amount of research has emerged in recent years on the science, technology and health effects of oats but, until now, no book has gathered this work together. Oats Nutrition and Technology presents a comprehensive and integrated overview