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Bayuk, Jennifer L. - Cyber Security Policy Guidebook, e-bok

Cyber Security Policy Guidebook

Bayuk, Jennifer L.


Drawing upon a wealth of experience from academia, industry, and government service, Cyber Security Policy Guidebook details and dissects, in simple language, current organizational cyber security policy issues on a global scale—taking great care to

Lehr, William H. - Internet Policy and Economics, e-bok

Internet Policy and Economics

Lehr, William H.


Table of contents
2. Internet Policy
William H. Lehr, Lorenzo Maria Pupillo
3. Regulating Telecommunications in Europe
Martin Cave
4. Infrastructure Commons in Economic Perspective
Brett M. Frischmann
5. Dumbing Down the Net

Arya, Kapil - Windows Group Policy Troubleshooting, e-bok

Windows Group Policy Troubleshooting

Arya, Kapil


Group Policy Management Console
Kapil Arya
3. Managing the Windows Environment with Group Policy
Kapil Arya
4. Managing Microsoft Office with Group Policy
Kapil Arya
5. Basics of Group Policy Troubleshooting
Kapil Arya
6. Advanced Group

Parker, Austin - Data-driven Generation of Policies, e-bok

Data-driven Generation of Policies

Parker, Austin


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Related Work
Austin Parker, Gerardo I. Simari, Amy Sliva, V. S. Subrahmanian
2. Optimal State Change Attempts
Austin Parker, Gerardo I. Simari, Amy Sliva, V. S. Subrahmanian
3. Different Kinds of…

Frye, Douglas W. - Network Security Policies and Procedures, e-bok

Network Security Policies and Procedures

Frye, Douglas W.


Table of contents
1. Information Technology and Its Role in the Modern Organization
2. The Extent of an Organization’s Connectivity
3. Network Physical Components
4. Legitimate Network Access
5. Illegitimate Network Access