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Hamer, Carol - Creating Mobile Games, e-bok

Creating Mobile Games

Hamer, Carol


Table of contents
1. Getting Started
2. Using MIDlets
3. Using the MIDP 2 Games API
4. Using Threads and Media
5. Storing and Retrieving Data
6. Using Network Communications
7. Advanced Messaging and Data Access
8. Securing Your…

Hamer, Carol - Learn Blackberry Games Development, e-bok

Learn Blackberry Games Development

Hamer, Carol


Table of contents
1. Gaming on BlackBerry
Carol Hamer, Andrew Davison
2. BlackBerry Application Basics
Carol Hamer, Andrew Davison
3. Game Graphics and Events with MIDP and RIM Classes
Carol Hamer, Andrew Davison
4. Adding a…

Bundschuh, Manfred - The IT Measurement Compendium, e-bok

The IT Measurement Compendium

Bundschuh, Manfred


Table of contents
1. The Estimation Challenges
2. Estimation Fundamentals
3. Prerequisites for Estimation
4. The Implementation of Estimation
5. Estimation Methods
6. Estimating Maintenance Effort
7. Software Measurement and Metrics:…

Anzaldua, Reynaldo - Computer Forensics For Dummies, e-bok

Computer Forensics For Dummies

Anzaldua, Reynaldo

Från 32,00€

Uncover a digital trail of e-evidence by using the helpful, easy-to-understand information in Computer Forensics For Dummies! Professional and armchair investigators alike can learn the basics of computer forensics, from digging out electronic evidence…

Newnham, Danielle - Female Innovators at Work, e-bok

Female Innovators at Work

Newnham, Danielle


Table of contents
1. Lynda Weinman
Danielle Newnham
2. Arlene Harris
Danielle Newnham
3. Judith Klein
Danielle Newnham
4. Holly Liu
Danielle Newnham
5. Anisha Singh
Danielle Newnham
6. Judith Owigar
Danielle Newnham
7. Brenda Romero
Danielle Newnham
8. Carol Reiley

Bracci, Enrico - Co-production in the Public Sector, e-bok

Co-production in the Public Sector

Bracci, Enrico


Table of contents
1. Co-production of Public Services: Meaning and Motivations
Enrico Bracci, Mariagrazia Fugini, Mariafrancesca Sicilia
2. Co-production and Inter-organisational Collaboration in the Provision of Public Services: A Critical Discussion
Alessandro Sancino, Carol Jacklin-Jarvis
3. The Participatory

Demirkan, Haluk - Service Systems Implementation, e-bok

Service Systems Implementation

Demirkan, Haluk


Customer–Provider Strategic Alignment: A Maturity Model
Jerry Luftman, Carol V. Brown, S. Balaji
10. CIO in a Service Economy
Paul G. Sorenson
11. Service Productivity How to Measure and Improve It?
Erik Hartigh, Marc Zegveld
12. Value Co-creation

Rosenhahn, Bodo - Human Motion, e-bok

Human Motion

Rosenhahn, Bodo


Table of contents
1. 2D Tracking
1. Understanding Human Motion: A Historic Review
Reinhard Klette, Garry Tee
2. The Role of Manifold Learning in Human Motion Analysis
Ahmed Elgammal, Chan-Su Lee
3. Recognition of Action as a Bayesian Parameter Estimation Problem over Time
Volker Krüger
4. The William

Filipe, Joaquim - E-business and Telecommunications, e-bok

E-business and Telecommunications

Filipe, Joaquim


An Adaptive Knowledge-Based Approach for Detecting Fraud across Different e-Government Domains
Panos Alexopoulos, Kostas Kafentzis, Nicholas Athanassiadis, Xanthi Benetou, Tassos Tagaris, Carol Jollie, Panos Georgolios
9. Timing to Block Scanning Malwares by