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Etemad, Kamran - WiMAX Technology and Network Evolution, e-bok

WiMAX Technology and Network Evolution

Etemad, Kamran


Written and edited by experts who have developed WiMAX technology and standards
WiMAX, the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, represents a paradigm shift in telecommunications technology. It offers the promise of cheaper, smaller, and

Bricklin, Dan - Bricklin on Technology, e-bok

Bricklin on Technology

Bricklin, Dan


In a world that divides us, technology creates connection. Cell phones, e-mail, digital cameras, personal Web sites—they all join us, however tenuously, to what we value. Is connectivity what we’re willing to pay for? Should technology be

McKeown, Debra - Ultra-wideband Radio Technology, e-bok

Ultra-wideband Radio Technology

McKeown, Debra


Ultra-wideband (UWB) has been among the most controversial technologies of modern times. Its applications seem endless, its capabilities miraculous and yet it is so poorly understood. In this volume, the authors combine talents to de-mystify ultra-wideband radio and explain it in language

Dubendorf, Vern A. - Wireless Data Technologies, e-bok

Wireless Data Technologies

Dubendorf, Vern A.


The number and types of companies aggressively investing in wireless technologies illustrate the importance of wireless data. Non-traditional telecommunications companies such as Cisco Systems, Intel, Microsoft, 3Com, and other professional services companies, are

Hasegawa, Fumio - Content Production Technologies, e-bok

Content Production Technologies

Hasegawa, Fumio


  Examines the design and implementation of a practical digital content production system Proposes to show solutions to various content issues Covers various retrieval methods for large-scale archives using MPEG-1 streaming technology and remote editing using

Biundo, Susanne - Companion Technology, e-bok

Companion Technology

Biundo, Susanne


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to Companion-Technology
Susanne Biundo, Andreas Wendemuth
2. Multi-level Knowledge Processing in Cognitive Technical Systems
Thomas Geier, Susanne Biundo
3. Model-Based Frameworks for User Adapted…