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Dyck, Dirk van - Handbook of Nanoscopy, 2 Volume Set, e-bok

Handbook of Nanoscopy, 2 Volume Set

Dyck, Dirk van


It covers the latest developments in techniques, such as in-situ TEM, 3D imaging in TEM and SEM, as well as a broad range of material types, including metals,
alloys, ceramics, polymers, semiconductors, minerals, quasicrystals, amorphous solids, among others. The

Hendel, Anja - Rightshore!, e-bok


Hendel, Anja


Case Study: Data Migration for a Global Semiconductors Manufacturer
Anand Kantawala
16. Case Study: Distributed Delivery of an SAP Solution at a US Life Science Company
Kent Bracken, John Carlucci
17. Case Study: Management Learnings for Distributed