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Demirkan, Haluk - The Science of Service Systems, e-bok

The Science of Service Systems

Demirkan, Haluk


Introduction of the Science of Service Systems
Haluk Demirkan, James C. Spohrer, Vikas Krishna
2. Embedding the New Discipline of Service Science
Irene Ng, Roger Maull, Laura Smith
3. Key Dimensions of Service Systems in Value-Creating Networks

Ivanov, Ivan - Cloud Computing and Services Science, e-bok

Cloud Computing and Services Science

Ivanov, Ivan


Table of contents
1. Object-Oriented Service Clouds for Transdisciplinary Computing
Michael Sobolewski
2. From Service Innovation to Service Engineering
Wil Janssen, Marc Lankhorst, Timber Haaker, Henny Vos
3. Adaptive Overlay Approach…

Bergman, David - Decision Diagrams for Optimization, e-bok

Decision Diagrams for Optimization

Bergman, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Bergman, Andre A. Cire, Willem-Jan van Hoeve, John Hooker
2. Historical Overview
David Bergman, Andre A. Cire, Willem-Jan van Hoeve, John Hooker
3. Exact Decision Diagrams
David Bergman,…

Kordon, Arthur - Genetic Programming Theory and Practice XIII, e-bok

Genetic Programming Theory and Practice XIII

Kordon, Arthur


Using Genetic Programming for Data Science: Lessons Learned
Steven Gustafson, Ram Narasimhan, Ravi Palla, Aisha Yousuf
8. The Evolution of Everything (EvE) and Genetic Programming
W. P. Worzel
9. Lexicase Selection for Program Synthesis: A Diversity

Chan, Yupo - Data Engineering, e-bok

Data Engineering

Chan, Yupo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Terry M. Talley, John R. Talburt, Yupo Chan
2. A Declarative Approach to Entity Resolution
Tanton H. Gibbs
3. Transitive Closure of Data Records: Application and Computation
Wing Ning Li, Roopa…

Demirkan, Haluk - Service Systems Implementation, e-bok

Service Systems Implementation

Demirkan, Haluk


Towards an Operations Strategy for the Infusion of Product-Centric Services into Manufacturing
Tim S. Baines, Howard W. Lightfoot
7. Theory of Constraints for Services: Past, Present, and Future
John A. Ricketts
8. An Assessment Tool for Establishing

Macintyre, Mairi - Service Design and Delivery, e-bok

Service Design and Delivery

Macintyre, Mairi


Table of contents
1. Understanding Services and the Customer Response
Jagdeesh S. Dhaliwal, Mairi Macintyre, Glenn Parry
2. Goods, Products and Services
Glenn Parry, Linda Newnes, Xiaoxi Huang
3. The IBM Story
Charles Loving

Ferilli, Stefano - Traffic Mining Applied to Police Activities, e-bok

Traffic Mining Applied to Police Activities

Ferilli, Stefano


Table of contents
Part I. Invited Talks
1. Data and Analytics Framework. How Public Sector Can Profit from Its Immense Asset, Data
Raffaele Lillo
2. Advancements in Mobility Data Analysis
Mirco Nanni
Part II. Technical Contributions

Fowler, John - Advances in Modeling and Simulation, e-bok

Advances in Modeling and Simulation

Fowler, John


Table of contents
1. A Brief Introduction to the Winter Simulation Conference
Andreas Tolk, John Fowler, Guodong Shao, Enver Yücesan
2. Model Is a Verb
Lee Schruben
3. Model Calibration
Jie Xu
4. Validating Emergent Behavior…