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Song, William Wei - Information Systems Development, e-bok

Information Systems Development

Song, William Wei


A Social Contract for University–Industry Collaboration: A Case of Project-Based Learning Environment
Tero Vartiainen
10. Replacement of the Project Manager Reflected Through Activity Theory and Work–System Theory

Abrahamsson, Pekka - Product-Focused Software Process Improvement, e-bok

Product-Focused Software Process Improvement

Abrahamsson, Pekka


Value Creation by Agile Projects: Methodology or Mystery?
Zornitza Racheva, Maya Daneva, Klaas Sikkel
13. Decision Support for Iteration Scheduling in Agile Environments
Ákos Szőke
14. Some Findings Concerning Requirements in Agile Methodologies

Pokorny, Jaroslav - Information Systems Development, e-bok

Information Systems Development

Pokorny, Jaroslav


Assessment of Ontology Development and Management Tools According to the Axioms
Diana Kalibatiene, Olegas Vasilecas
27. Semi-Automatic Transformation of an XML Schema to XForms
Ján Kasarda, Tomáš Bartoš
28. Research Directions of OLAP Personalizaton