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Aspray, William - Food in the Internet Age, e-bok

Food in the Internet Age

Aspray, William


The Dark Side of Online Food Businesses: Harms to Consumers and Main Street Businesses
William Aspray, George Royer, Melissa G. Ocepek
4. Trust Online: From E-Commerce to Recipe Sharing
William Aspray, George Royer, Melissa G. Ocepek

Zhou, Jie - Complex Sciences, e-bok

Complex Sciences

Zhou, Jie


Research on Early Warning of Chinese Food Safety Based on Social Physics
Yonghuan Ma, Wenyuan Niu, Qianqian Li
111. Qualitative Meta-synthesis Techniques for Analysis of Public Opinions for in-depth Study
Xijin Tang
112. Opinion Modeling Based on Meta-synthesis

Fang, Wai-Chi - U- and E-Service, Science and Technology, e-bok

U- and E-Service, Science and Technology

Fang, Wai-Chi


Table of contents
1. Mobile Manufacturer or Service Provider? An Empirical Study on Consumers’ Adoption Intention
Feng Hu, Xiao-Yi Du, Yong Liu
2. The Development of Software Pricing Schemata and Its Application to Software Industry in Korea
Youngsik Kwak, Yunkyung Lee, Yoonsik Kwak
3. The Determinants of