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Fanet, Hervé - Ultra Low Power Electronics and Adiabatic Solutions, e-bok

Ultra Low Power Electronics and Adiabatic Solutions

Fanet, Hervé


This problem is significant and explains developments in microelectronics. The emergence of the Internet of Things is a more important issue than in the past. Current solutions are described both at system level component that limits but not seem surmountable. Called

Bell, Charles - Windows 10 for the Internet of Things, e-bok

Windows 10 for the Internet of Things

Bell, Charles


Table of contents
1. What Is the Internet of Things?
Charles Bell
2. Introducing the Windows 10 IoT Core
Charles Bell
3. Introducing the Raspberry Pi
Charles Bell
4. Developing IoT Solutions with Windows 10
Charles Bell
5. Windows 10 IoT Development with C++
Charles Bell
6. Windows

Katzen, Sid - The Essential PIC18® Microcontroller, e-bok

The Essential PIC18® Microcontroller

Katzen, Sid


Table of contents
1. Digital Representation
Sid Katzen
2. Logic Circuitry
Sid Katzen
3. Stored Program Processing
Sid Katzen
4. The PIC18F1220 Microcontroller
Sid Katzen
5. The Instruction Set
Sid Katzen
6. Subroutines…

 - Organische Elektronik in Deutschland, e-bok

Organische Elektronik in Deutschland


Table of contents
1. Kurzfassung
2. Einleitung
3. Die Organische Elektronik in Deutschland
4. Forschung, Entwicklung und Umsetzung in Produkte
5. Nachwuchsförderung
6. Förderung
7. Stärkung der Organischen Elektronik in Deutschland

Newmarch, Jan - Raspberry Pi GPU Audio Video Programming, e-bok

Raspberry Pi GPU Audio Video Programming

Newmarch, Jan


Table of contents
1. Introduction to the Raspberry Pi
Jan Newmarch
2. Khronos Group
Jan Newmarch
3. Compiling Programs for the Raspberry Pi
Jan Newmarch
4. Dispmanx on the Raspberry Pi
Jan Newmarch
5. EGL on the Raspberry…

Reardon, Joel - Secure Data Deletion, e-bok

Secure Data Deletion

Reardon, Joel


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction and Background
1. Introduction
Joel Reardon
2. Related Work on Secure Deletion
Joel Reardon
3. System Model and Security Goal
Joel Reardon
Part II. Secure Deletion for Mobile Storage

Berry, David M. - The Philosophy of Software, e-bok

The Philosophy of Software

Berry, David M.


Table of contents
1. The Idea of Code
David M. Berry
2. What Is Code?
David M. Berry
3. Reading and Writing Code
David M. Berry
4. Running Code
David M. Berry
5. Towards a Phenomenology of Computation
David M. Berry