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Zaki, Yasir - Future Mobile Communications, e-bok

Future Mobile Communications

Zaki, Yasir


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Yasir Zaki
2. Mobile Communication Systems
Yasir Zaki
3. Long Term Evolution (LTE)
Yasir Zaki
4. LTE Network Simulator
Yasir Zaki
5. LTE Virtualization
Yasir Zaki
6. LTE Radio Scheduler
Yasir Zaki
7. Analytical Modeling of the LTE Radio Scheduler

Taylor, Jim - Deep Space Communications, e-bok

Deep Space Communications

Taylor, Jim


A collection of some of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's space missions selected to represent the planetary communications designs for a progression of various types of missions
The text uses a case study approach to show the communications link performance

Pascazio, Saverio - Quantum Communication and Quantum Networking, e-bok

Quantum Communication and Quantum Networking

Pascazio, Saverio


Optical Free-Space Communication on Earth and in Space Regarding Quantum Cryptography Aspects
Christian Fuchs, Dirk Giggenbach
12. Feasibility Analysis for Quantum Key Distribution between a LEO Satellite and Earth
C. Bonato, A. Tomaello, V. Deppo, G.

Zhu, Hongzi - Studies on Urban Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks, e-bok

Studies on Urban Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks

Zhu, Hongzi


Table of contents
1. Overview
Hongzi Zhu, Minglu Li
2. Dealing with Vehicular Traces
Hongzi Zhu, Minglu Li
3. Realistic Vehicular Mobility Models
Hongzi Zhu, Minglu Li
4. Opportunistic Routing Protocols
Hongzi Zhu, Minglu…

Lyon, Caroline - Emergence of Communication and Language, e-bok

Emergence of Communication and Language

Lyon, Caroline


Emergence of a Communication System: International Sign
Rachel Rosenstock
6. Distributed Language: Biomechanics, Functions, and the Origins of Talk
Stephen J. Cowley
Part 2. Synthesis of Communication and Language

Arslan, Huseyin - Ultra Wideband Wireless Communication, e-bok

Ultra Wideband Wireless Communication

Arslan, Huseyin


An international panel of experts provide major research issues and a self-contained, rapid introduction to the theory and application of UWB
This book delivers end-to-end coverage of recent advances in both the theory and practical design of ultra wideband (UWB) communication networks.

Stacey, Dale - Aeronautical Radio Communication Systems and Networks, e-bok

Aeronautical Radio Communication Systems and Networks

Stacey, Dale


Typically, there are over twenty radio systems on board the average commercial jet aircraft dealing with communication, navigation and surveillance functions. Very high frequency (VHF) air-to-ground communication is usually the main method of  information

Gershman, Alex - Space-Time Processing for MIMO Communications, e-bok

Space-Time Processing for MIMO Communications

Gershman, Alex


Driven by the desire to boost the quality of service of wireless systems closer to that afforded by wireline systems, space-time processing for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communications research has drawn remarkable interest in recent years. Exciting theoretical advances