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Yan, Song Y. - Quantum Computational Number Theory, e-bok

Quantum Computational Number Theory

Yan, Song Y.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Song Y. Yan
2. Classical and Quantum Computation
Song Y. Yan
3. Quantum Algorithms for Integer Factorization
Song Y. Yan
4. Quantum Computing for Discrete Logarithms
Song Y. Yan
5. Quantum…

Demirkan, Haluk - The Science of Service Systems, e-bok

The Science of Service Systems

Demirkan, Haluk


Key Dimensions of Service Systems in Value-Creating Networks
Cristina Mele, Francesco Polese
4. Making a Science of Service Systems Practical: Seeking Usefulness and Understandability while Avoiding Unnecessary Assumptions

Chung, Kyo-il - Database Theory and Application, e-bok

Database Theory and Application

Chung, Kyo-il


Automatic Extraction of Decision Rules from Non-deterministic Data Systems: Theoretical Foundations and SQL-Based Implementation
Dominik Ślęzak, Hiroshi Sakai
19. Soft Set Approach for Maximal Association Rules Mining
Tutut Herawan, Iwan Tri Riyadi Yanto,

Leondes, Cornelius T. - Intelligent Knowledge-Based Systems, e-bok

Intelligent Knowledge-Based Systems

Leondes, Cornelius T.


Knowledge Management Systems in Continuous Product Innovation
Mariano Corso, Antonella Martini, Luisa Pellegrini, Emilio Paolucci
3. Knowledge-Based Measurement of Enterprise Agility
Nikos C. Tsourveloudis
4. Knowledge-Based Systems

Song, William Wei - Information Systems Development, e-bok

Information Systems Development

Song, William Wei


Enterprise Systems in a Service Science Context
Anders G. Nilsson
3. A Petri Net-Based Software Process Model for Developing Process-Oriented Information Systems
Yu Li, Andreas Oberweis
4. Modern Enterprise Systems

Pokorny, Jaroslav - Information Systems Development, e-bok

Information Systems Development

Pokorny, Jaroslav


From Information Systems Development to Enterprise Engineering
Jan L. G. Dietz
2. The Mobile and Mobility: Information, Organisations and Systems
John Traxler
3. Design of Situational Artefacts—Conceptual Foundations and Their Application to IT/Business

Buede, Dennis M. - The Engineering Design of Systems: Models and Methods, e-bok

The Engineering Design of Systems: Models and Methods

Buede, Dennis M.


New for the third edition, chapters on: Complete Exercise of the SE Process, System Science and Analytics and The Value of Systems Engineering
The book takes a model-based approach to key systems engineering design activities and introduces methods and models used in the real world.