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McKinley, Michael - The Game Artist's Guide to Maya, e-bok

The Game Artist's Guide to Maya

McKinley, Michael


The Game Artist's Guide to Maya is an official introduction to creating 3D game art and animations with Maya, brought to you by Maya Press, a publishing partnership between Alias and Sybex. Written by a production artist at a prominent

Tosa, Naoko - Cross-Cultural Computing: An Artist's Journey, e-bok

Cross-Cultural Computing: An Artist's Journey

Tosa, Naoko


Table of contents
1. Introduction – The Discovery of Cultural Computing
Naoko Tosa
2. Computing Feelings
Naoko Tosa
3. Computing Stories
Naoko Tosa
4. Computing Culture
Naoko Tosa
5. Cultures, Subconscious and Creativity…

Beane, Andy - 3D Animation Essentials, e-bok

3D Animation Essentials

Beane, Andy


Many aspiring artists and animators have grown up with 3D and computers, and naturally gravitate to this field as their area of interest. Bringing a blend of studio and classroom experience to offer you thorough coverage of the 3D animation industry, this must-have

Gumster, Jason van - GIMP Bible, e-bok

GIMP Bible

Gumster, Jason van


If you're a digital artist or photographer, the step-by-step explanations in this authoritative guide show you how to power-use GIMP throughout a production pipeline. Topics include understanding the GIMP interface and how to work with it, how to use all of GIMP's

Yau, Nathan - Data Points: Visualization That Means Something, e-bok

Data Points: Visualization That Means Something

Yau, Nathan


A fresh look at visualization from the author of Visualize This
Whether it's statistical charts, geographic maps, or the snappy graphical statistics you see on your favorite news sites, the art of data graphics or visualization is fast becoming a movement…

Mealing, Stuart - Computers and Art, Second Edition, e-bok

Computers and Art, Second Edition

Mealing, Stuart


Computers & Art gathers together contributions from a broad, international spectrum of experts concerned with the computer as a tool for artists. Their approaches vary, contributors looking variously at the historical, philosophical and practical implications, amongst others, of the use

Gaboury, Paul - ZBrush Professional Tips and Techniques, e-bok

ZBrush Professional Tips and Techniques

Gaboury, Paul


Learn to work effectively and creatively with all versions of ZBrush!
ZBrush is used by top artists in Hollywood to model and sculpt characters in such films as Avatar, Iron Man, and Pirates of the Caribbean. In addition, this amazing technology is also used in jewelry design, forensic

McCann, John J. - The Art and Science of HDR Imaging, e-bok

The Art and Science of HDR Imaging

McCann, John J.


The Art and Science of HDR Imaging presents a unique scientific HDR approach derived from artists’ understanding of painting, emphasizing spatial information in electronic imaging.
Human visual appearance and reproduction rendition of the HDR world requires