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Melançon, Benjamin - The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7, e-bok

The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

Melançon, Benjamin


Table of contents
PART I. Getting Started
1. Building a Drupal 7 Site
Benjamin Melançon, Dan Hakimzadeh, Dani Nordin
2. Essential Tools: Drush and Git
Dani Nordin, Benjamin Melançon
PART II. Site Building Foundations
3. Building…

Taylor, Jim - Deep Space Communications, e-bok

Deep Space Communications

Taylor, Jim


The six missions discussed in this book span the Voyager for fly-bys in the 1970s, Galileo for orbiters in the 1980s, Deep Space 1 for the 1990s, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) for planetary orbiters, Mars Exploration Rover

Enderle, Stefan - Research and Education in Robotics — EUROBOT 2008, e-bok

Research and Education in Robotics — EUROBOT 2008

Enderle, Stefan


Table of contents
1. Adaptive Robot to Person Encounter by Motion Patterns
Hans Jørgen Andersen, Thomas Bak, Mikael Svenstrup
2. Design of Multi-segment Humanoid Robot Foot
Branislav Borovac, Sinisa Slavnic
3. Software-Hardware Mapping in a Robot Design
Pavol Jusko, David Obdrzalek, Tomas Petrusek

Kelly, James Floyd - LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT, e-bok


Kelly, James Floyd


Table of contents
1. Plan B
James Floyd Kelly, Christopher Smith
2. Creating the Power Interrupt Device
James Floyd Kelly, Christopher Smith
3. Creating the Power Redirect
James Floyd Kelly, Christopher Smith
4. Creating the Solar Collector
James Floyd Kelly, Christopher Smith
5. Synopsis and

Bowen, Jonathan P. - Provably Correct Systems, e-bok

Provably Correct Systems

Bowen, Jonathan P.


Table of contents
Part I. Historic Account
1. ProCoS: How It All Began – as Seen from Denmark
Dines Bjørner
Part II. Hybrid Systems
2. Constraint-Solving Techniques for the Analysis of Stochastic Hybrid Systems
Martin Fränzle, Yang Gao, Sebastian Gerwinn
3. MARS: A Toolchain for Modelling, Analysis

Byeon, Ok-Hwan - Future Application and Middleware Technology on e-Science, e-bok

Future Application and Middleware Technology on e-Science

Byeon, Ok-Hwan


Table of contents
1. Web-Based Integrated Research Environment for Aerodynamic Analyses and Design
Jae Wan Ahn, Jin-ho Kim, Chongam Kim, Jung-hyun Cho, Cinyoung Hur, Yoonhee Kim, Sang-hyun Kang, Byungsoo Kim, Jong Bae Moon, Kum Won Cho
2. An Approach to Integrated Design, Analysis and Data Management for Rapid Air

Scharl, Arno - The Geospatial Web, e-bok

The Geospatial Web

Scharl, Arno


Geospatial Information Integration for Science Activity Planning at the Mars Desert Research Station
Daniel C. Berrios, Maarten Sierhuis, Richard M. Keller
13. Inferences of Social and Spatial Communities over the World Wide Web
Pragya Agarwal, Roderic

Cai, Zhihua - Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems, e-bok

Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems

Cai, Zhihua


The Application of Evolution-Branching Algorithm on Earth-Mars Transfer Trajectory
Jing Liu, Guangming Dai
30. The Research of Solution to the Problems of Complex Task Scheduling Based on Self-adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Li Zhu, Yongxiang He, Haidong Xue,