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Perlmutter, David D. - Blogwars, e-bok


Perlmutter, David D.


Perlmutter examines this rapidly burgeoning phenomenon, exploring the degree to which blogs influence--or fail to influence--American political life. Challenging the hype, Perlmutter points out that blogs are not that powerful by traditional political measures: while

Gaj, Piotr - Computer Networks, e-bok

Computer Networks

Gaj, Piotr


The Influence of Electromagnetic Disturbances on Data Transmission in USB Standard
Michał Maćkowski
12. Electromagnetic Emission Measurement of Microprocessor Units
Michał Maćkowski, Krzysztof Skoroniak
13. Software Influence

Khurana, Reema - Information Systems, Technology and Management, e-bok

Information Systems, Technology and Management

Khurana, Reema


An Efficient Search to Improve Neighbour Selection Mechanism in P2P Network
C. R. Totekar, P. Santhi Thilagam
17. Application of Neural Networks in Software Engineering: A Review
Yogesh Singh, Pradeep Kumar Bhatia, Arvinder Kaur, Omprakash Sangwan

Bramer, Max - Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XXVI, e-bok

Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XXVI

Bramer, Max


A New Approach to Influence Diagrams Evaluation
Radu Marinescu
9. Analogical proportions: another logical view
Henri Prade, Gilles Richard
10. Evaluating Clustering Algorithms for Genetic Regulatory Network Structural Inference
Christopher Fogelberg,

Pokorny, Jaroslav - Information Systems Development, e-bok

Information Systems Development

Pokorny, Jaroslav


Conditions Influencing Client–IS Supplier Interactions During IS Outsourcing
Linda Bergkvist
11. Facilitating the Creation of Quality Object Models Using a Knowledge Based System
Narasimha Bolloju, Christoph Schneider
12. MetaMorPic: Self-Contained