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Boral, Sumanta - Ace the PMI-ACP® exam, e-bok

Ace the PMI-ACP® exam

Boral, Sumanta


Domain VII: Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People)
Sumanta Boral
9. PMI® Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Sumanta Boral
10. Appendix
Sumanta Boral

Penberthy, William - Beginning ASP.NET for Visual Studio 2015, e-bok

Beginning ASP.NET for Visual Studio 2015

Penberthy, William


You'll get up to speed on the productivity and performance improvements, and learn how Microsoft has committed itself to more continuous innovation by increasing its release cadence for all products and services going forward.

Weerasinghe, Dasun - Electronic Healthcare, e-bok

Electronic Healthcare

Weerasinghe, Dasun


Table of contents
1. Continuous Monitoring of Children with Suspected Cardiac Arrhythmias
Efthyvoulos Kyriacou, Anastasis Kounoudes, Loucas Paraskeva, Aggelos Konstantinides, Constantinos Pattichis, Antonis Jossif, Marios Pattichis, Dimitris Vogiatzis
2. An Evaluation Framework for EU Research and Development e-Health