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Xue, Charlie Q. L. - Hong Kong Architecture 1945-2015, e-bok

Hong Kong Architecture 1945-2015

Xue, Charlie Q. L.


Table of contents
Part I. Government Led Modernity
1. Reconstruction and Resettlement After the War
Charlie Q. L. Xue
2. Modernism Coming to Town—Government Low-Cost Housing and Public Buildings
Charlie Q. L. Xue
3. Design Forces and Their Strategies
Charlie Q. L. Xue
4. Government Control, Building

Law, Edmond Hau-Fai - Curriculum Innovations in Changing Societies, e-bok

Curriculum Innovations in Changing Societies

Law, Edmond Hau-Fai


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Shaping the School Curriculum in Chinese Societies
Kerry J. Kennedy
Part II. Changing Curriculum Policy, Research and Trends
2. A Continuous Journey
Zhong Qiquan, Tu Liya
3. Transformational Issues in Curriculum Reform
Kerry J. Kennedy
4. Implementation

Jing, Yijia - The Road to Collaborative Governance in China, e-bok

The Road to Collaborative Governance in China

Jing, Yijia


The Challenges of Implementing Collaborative Governance in Hong Kong: Case Study of a Low-Income Family Community
Helen K. Liu, Bin Chen
Part II. Partnerships in Policy and Management
4. Policies, Collaboration, and

Makki, Kia - Mobile and Wireless Network Security and Privacy, e-bok

Mobile and Wireless Network Security and Privacy

Makki, Kia


On Performance Cost of On-demand Anonymous Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Jiejun Kong, Jun Liu, Xiaoyan Hong, Dapeng Wu, Mario Gerla
7. Computer Ecology: Responding to Mobile Worms with Location-Based Quarantine Boundaries
Baik Hoh, Marco