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Lyon, L. Andrew - Hydrogel Micro and Nanoparticles, e-bok

Hydrogel Micro and Nanoparticles

Lyon, L. Andrew


The book provides experienced as well as young researchers with a topical view of the vibrant field of soft nanotechnology. In addition to
elucidating the underlying concepts and principles that drive continued innovation, major parts of each chapter…

Dover, Victor - Street Design: The Secret to Great Cities and Towns, e-bok

Street Design: The Secret to Great Cities and Towns

Dover, Victor


With guest essays from: Kaid Benfield, David Brussat, Javier Cenicacelaya, Hank Dittmar, Andres Duany, Douglas Duany, Emily Glavey, Chip Kaufman, Ethan Kent, Marieanne Khoury-Vogt, Léon Krier, Gianni Longo, Thomas Low, Laura Lyon, Chuck Marohn, Paul Murrain, John

Jensenius, Alexander Refsum - A NIME Reader, e-bok

A NIME Reader

Jensenius, Alexander Refsum


Table of contents
1. 2001: Principles for Designing Computer Music Controllers
Perry Cook
2. 2001: Problems and Prospects for Intimate Musical Control of Computers
David Wessel, Matthew Wright
3. 2002: The Importance of Parameter Mapping in Electronic Instrument Design
Andy Hunt, Marcelo M. Wanderley,

Song, Bo - Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Volume 1, e-bok

Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Volume 1

Song, Bo


Marr-Lyon, F. E. Merrill, C. Morris, D. Tupa, A. Saunders, W. Vogan
50. Investigation of Dynamic Material Cracking with In Situ Synchrotron-Based Measurements
K. J. Ramos, B. J. Jensen, J. D. Yeager, C. A. Bolme, A. J. Iverson, C. A. Carlson, K. Fezzaa

Alderman, Martyn - Magnesium Technology 2014, e-bok

Magnesium Technology 2014

Alderman, Martyn


Table of contents
1. Automotive Magnesium: Impacts and Opportunities
William J. Joost
2. Alloy Development, Manufacturing and Design for Magnesium Applications
Alan A. Luo
3. Life Cycle Assessment of ECO-Magnesium® Alloy Produced by Green Metallurgy EU Project Process Route
Fabrizio D’Errico, Gerardo

Manuel, Michele V. - Magnesium Technology 2016, e-bok

Magnesium Technology 2016

Manuel, Michele V.


Table of contents
1. Challenges for Implementation of Magnesium into More Applications
K. U. Kainer
2. Development of Magnesium Alloys for High Speed Trains in China
Eric Nyberg, Jian Peng, Neale R. Neelameggham
3. Korea’s R&D Activities Towards the Application of Wrought Mg Alloys
Nack J. Kim