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Chen, Yunmin - Advances in Environmental Geotechnics, e-bok

Advances in Environmental Geotechnics

Chen, Yunmin


Application of Electrical Resistivity For Cement Solidified/Stabilized Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils
Song-Yu Liu, Yan-Jun Du, Lei Chen, Zhi-Bin Liu, Fei Jin
19. Recent Research On The Hydrogeological And Settlement Characteristics Of Landfilled Municipal Solid

Chang, Shun-Hsyung - Advanced Materials, e-bok

Advanced Materials

Chang, Shun-Hsyung


Non-thermal Effect of High-Voltage Nanosecond Pulses on Kimberlite Rock-Forming Minerals Processing
Igor Zh. Bunin, Valentine A. Chanturiya, Nataliya E. Anashkina, Maria V. Ryazantseva, Elizaveta V. Koporulina
5. Properties of In2O3 Films, Deposited by dc-Magnetron

Hassan, Rohana - InCIEC 2013, e-bok

InCIEC 2013

Hassan, Rohana


Electrokinetic Remediation to Remove Heavy Metal from Contaminated Soils Using Purging Solution
Sabariah Arbai, Zainab Mohamed, Kamaruzzaman Mohamed, AzinoorAzida Abu Bakar
Part VII. Innovative Construction Materials and Structures
47. Ultimate Load Carrying

Zhang, Changkuan - Advances in Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering, e-bok

Advances in Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering

Zhang, Changkuan


Permeability Changes in a Rock Fracture During Coupled Fluid Flow and Chemical Dissolution Processes
Jinchang Sheng, Xiaochen Xu, Meili Zhan, Shuyuan He, Baoyu Su, Jishan Liu
49. Characteristics of Streamflow Infiltration in the Piedmont Plain of Hebei Province,

Tokhi, M. O. - Climbing and Walking Robots, e-bok

Climbing and Walking Robots

Tokhi, M. O.


Impact Shaping for Double Support Walk: From the Rocking Block to the Biped Robot
J. -M. Bourgeot, C. Canudas-de-Wit, B. Brogliato
62. Proposal of 4-leg Locomotion by Phase Change
Kazuo Morita, Hidenori Ishihara
63. Introducing the Hex-a-ball, a Hybrid