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Devolder, Pierre - Stochastic Methods for Pension Funds, e-bok

Stochastic Methods for Pension Funds

Devolder, Pierre

Från 149,15€

The aim of this book is to fill this gap and to show how recent methods of stochastic finance can be useful for to the risk management of pension funds. Methods of optimal control will be especially developed and applied to fundamental problems such as the optimal

Charupat, Narat - Leveraged Exchange-Traded Funds, e-bok

Leveraged Exchange-Traded Funds

Charupat, Narat


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Narat Charupat, Peter Miu
2. Regulations and Taxations
Narat Charupat, Peter Miu
3. Mechanics
Narat Charupat, Peter Miu
4. Return Dynamics and Compounding Effects
Narat Charupat, Peter…

Lovett, Alan - Trivia Nights For Dummies, e-bok

Trivia Nights For Dummies

Lovett, Alan


Discover how to: Use trivia to fund a good cause Stage a trivia night for work or a private celebration Put together trivia questions that work Hunt out the best prizes for your event Engage your audience with fun games

Alhabeeb, M. J. - Mathematical Finance, e-bok

Mathematical Finance

Alhabeeb, M. J.


Subsequent chapters explore the mathematical aspects of various financial scenarios, including:
Mortgage debt, leasing, and credit and loans
Capital budgeting, depreciation, and depletion
Break-even analysis and leverage
Investing, with coverage of stocks, bonds, mutual funds,

Abraham, Ajith - Intelligent Systems for Computer Modelling, e-bok

Intelligent Systems for Computer Modelling

Abraham, Ajith


Investment Funds Management Strategy Based on Polynomial Regression in Machine Learning
Antoni Wiliński, Anton Smoliński, Wojciech Nowicki
10. Detecting Hidden Patterns in European Song Contest—Eurovision 2014
Dionysios Kakouris, Georgios Theocharis,