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Balzter, Heiko - Earth Observation for Land and Emergency Monitoring, e-bok

Earth Observation for Land and Emergency Monitoring

Balzter, Heiko


” Coupled with models, the EOS measurement suites provide powerful tools for research into the factors controlling and changing the Earth system in which we live. 
The objectives of this book are to describe new methods and applications of satellite technology

Kreowski, Hans-Jörg - Dynamics in Logistics, e-bok

Dynamics in Logistics

Kreowski, Hans-Jörg


Cargo Telematics for Operational Transport Excellence and Strategic Knowledge Management
Matthias Klumpp, Christof Kandel, Erik Wirsing
Part III. Production Logistics and Job Shop Scheduling
7. Towards an Integrated Production and Outbound Distribution Planning

McCabe, Steven - Benchmarking in Construction, e-bok

Benchmarking in Construction

McCabe, Steven


There are nine case studies describing the use of KPIs and the application of the EFQM excellence model - including contributions from Morrison and John Mowlem
The author
Steve McCabe is senior lecturer in the School of

Doumeingts, Guy - Enterprise Interoperability, e-bok

Enterprise Interoperability

Doumeingts, Guy


A Platform Independent Model for Service Oriented Architectures
Gorka Benguria, Xabier Larrucea, Brian Elvesæter, Tor Neple, Anthony Beardsmore, Michael Friess
Part II. Enterprise Interoperability Architecture
4. Formalizing Analysis of Enterprise Architecture

Bargende, Michael - 17. Internationales Stuttgarter Symposium, e-bok

17. Internationales Stuttgarter Symposium

Bargende, Michael


Recruitment for excellence – The German path for research university
Wolfram Ressel
2. Assessing job candidates for fit – How headhunters select and hire the best job candidates
Wolfgang K. Eckelt
3. Recruiting@Bosch
Jörg Stock
4. TDI at