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Cumming, Douglas - Developments in Chinese Entrepreneurship, e-bok

Developments in Chinese Entrepreneurship

Cumming, Douglas


Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: Evidence from China
Naqiong Tong
5. Foreign Direct Investment, Institutional Environment, and the Establishment of Private Economy in China

Harris, Frank - Modern Construction Management, e-bok

Modern Construction Management

Harris, Frank


Particular emphasis is given, for example, to supply chains and networks, value and risk management, BIM, ICT, project arrangements, corporate social responsibility, training, health and welfare and environmental sustainability.

Davim, J. Paulo - Green and Lean Management, e-bok

Green and Lean Management

Davim, J. Paulo


Table of contents
1. Green Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation
Matthew J. Franchetti, Behin Elahi, Somik Ghose
2. LP Impacts on the Neoliberal Political-Economic Context
Maria João Santos
3. Lean and Agile Supply Chain Management: A Case of IT Distribution Industry in the Middle East
M. Reza

Clausen, Uwe - Efficiency and Innovation in Logistics, e-bok

Efficiency and Innovation in Logistics

Clausen, Uwe


Table of contents
Part I. Sustainability Logistics
1. Electric Mobility in Last Mile Distribution
Matthias Klumpp
2. Green Technologies and Smart ICT for Sustainable Freight Transport
Chara Georgopoulou, Nikolaos M. P. Kakalis, Harilaos N. P. Psaraftis, Valerio Recagno, Sara Fozza, Panagiotis Zacharioudakis,

Araújo, Xosé Rúas - Media and Metamedia Management, e-bok

Media and Metamedia Management

Araújo, Xosé Rúas


Spanish General Elections, Microdiscourses Around #20D and Social Mobilisation on Twitter: Reality or Appearance?
Estrella Gualda
10. Video Game Screens: From Arcades to Nintendo DS
Israel Márquez
11. Is the Employer Entitled to Survey Employee’s

Prado-Prado, J. Carlos - Annals of Industrial Engineering 2012, e-bok

Annals of Industrial Engineering 2012

Prado-Prado, J. Carlos


A Characterization of Types and Determinant Factors for Corporate Entrepreneurship: A Case Study Based Analysis
Eneritz Onaindia Gerrikabeitia, Unai Goyogana Quesada, Carlos Ochoa Laburu
2. Activity Based Costing, Time-Driven Activity Based Costing and Lean

Clausen, Uwe - Efficiency and Logistics, e-bok

Efficiency and Logistics

Clausen, Uwe


Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility Management in Logistics Networks (CoReLo)
Christian Geßner, Ludger Heidbrink, Verena Kammel, Axel Kölle, Marcel Kreuels, Nora Meyer, Johannes Reidel, Imke Schmidt, Gertrud Schmitz