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Araújo, Xosé Rúas - Media and Metamedia Management, e-bok

Media and Metamedia Management

Araújo, Xosé Rúas


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Metamedia, Ecosystems and Value Chains
Francisco Campos Freire
2. Internet, Mind and Communication: New Perspectives and Challenges
Xosé Rúas Araújo
3. Immediacy and Metamedia. Time Dimension…

Ouyang, Yujie - Advanced Graphic Communications and Media Technologies, e-bok

Advanced Graphic Communications and Media Technologies

Ouyang, Yujie


Color Printing Image Quality Evaluation Method Based on Full Quaternion Matrix
Yunfei Zhong, Ruojing Wang, Lujing Fu, Yaojian Hu, Lu Chen
27. An Output of Oil Painting Stylized Digital Image from Photographs with Optimum Tone Reproduction
Jing Geng, Congjun

Parkin, Alan - Computing Colour Image Processing, e-bok

Computing Colour Image Processing

Parkin, Alan


Table of contents
1. Colour Environments
Alan Parkin
2. Digital Imaging Fundamentals
Alan Parkin
3. Creating a Digital Image
Alan Parkin
4. Storing a Digital Image
Alan Parkin
5. Transforming Image Locations
Alan Parkin
6. Transforming Image Colours
Alan Parkin
7. Displaying

AlTaher, Ghada - Nanovate, e-bok


AlTaher, Ghada


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mohab Anis, Ghada AlTaher, Wesam Sarhan, Mona Elsemary
2. Construction and Building Applications
Mohab Anis, Ghada AlTaher, Wesam Sarhan, Mona Elsemary
3. Manufacturing Applications
Mohab Anis, Ghada AlTaher, Wesam Sarhan, Mona Elsemary
4. Clean Energy Applications

Kaplan, David L. - Neural Engineering, e-bok

Neural Engineering

Kaplan, David L.


Biomaterials and 3D Printing Techniques for Neural Tissue Regeneration
Se-Jun Lee, Wei Zhu, Nathan Castro, Lijie Grace Zhang
2. Stem Cells, Bioengineering, and 3-D Scaffolds for Nervous System Repair and Regeneration
Elizabeth J. Sandquist, Metin Uz, Anup

Benghozi, Pierre‐Jean - Digital Enterprise Design & Management, e-bok

Digital Enterprise Design & Management

Benghozi, Pierre‐Jean


The Impact of 3D Printing Technologies on Business Model Innovation
Thierry Rayna, Ludmila Striukova
12. Accelerating Innovation through Modular Design (API)
Nicolas Bry, Richard Hababou
13. The Logic of the Reference in the IT Economy