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Lexcellent, Christian - Shape-Memory Alloys Handbook, e-bok

Shape-Memory Alloys Handbook

Lexcellent, Christian


These two key elements enable the author to introduce the main features associated with the behavior of shape-memory alloys (SMAs), i.e. the one-way shape-memory effect, pseudo-elasticity, training and recovery.

Oyola, Sandra Milena Rios - Religion, Social Memory and Conflict, e-bok

Religion, Social Memory and Conflict

Oyola, Sandra Milena Rios


Social Memory in Post-Atrocity Contexts
Sandra Milena Rios Oyola
3. Religion, Emotions and Memory after Atrocity
Sandra Milena Rios Oyola
4. The Conflict in Colombia and Chocó
Sandra Milena Rios Oyola
5. Religious Peacebuilding in Chocó

Danilova, Nataliya - The Politics of War Commemoration in the UK and Russia, e-bok

The Politics of War Commemoration in the UK and Russia

Danilova, Nataliya


Table of contents
1. Memory Politics and the Afterlives of Fallen Soldiers
Nataliya Danilova
2. Media Commemoration in Britain
Nataliya Danilova
3. The Story of War Memorials
Nataliya Danilova
4. Remembrance in Modern Britain: Support the Armed Forces!
Nataliya Danilova
5. Media Commemoration

Chapman, Arthur - Interpreting Primo Levi, e-bok

Interpreting Primo Levi

Chapman, Arthur


The Offense of the Memory: Memory and Metaphor in The Drowned and the Saved
Brian Walter
Part IV. Literature and Intertext
12. Paper Memories, Inked Genealogies: About Primo Levi’s

Rozman, Gilbert - Misunderstanding Asia, e-bok

Misunderstanding Asia

Rozman, Gilbert


The Legacy of Historical Memory and China’s Foreign Policy in the 2010s
Zheng Wang
13. The Legacy of the 1980s for Russia’s Relations in Northeast Asia in the 2010s
Sergey Radchenko
14. The Legacy of Communism and IR in East Asia in the 2010s