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Ballerio, Noela - WCOM (World Class Operations Management), e-bok

WCOM (World Class Operations Management)

Ballerio, Noela


Change Management and Leadership
Mark Goodwin
18. Performance Behavior
Neil Webers
19. Shingo Model
Mark Baker
20. TWI (Training Within Industry)
Rajinder Singh, Noela Ballerio
Part IV. Conclusion
21. Key Patterns for a Common Approach

Cares, Jeffrey R. - Operations Research for Unmanned Systems, e-bok

Operations Research for Unmanned Systems

Cares, Jeffrey R.


The first edited volume addressing analysis for unmanned vehicles, with focus on operations research rather than engineering The editors have a unique combination of extensive operational experience and technical expertise Chapters address a wide-ranging

Abbass, Hussein A. - Data and Decision Sciences in Action, e-bok

Data and Decision Sciences in Action

Abbass, Hussein A.


Analysis of Demand and Operations of Inter-modal Terminals
Rodolfo García-Flores, Soumya Banerjee, George Mathews, Blandine Vacher, Brian Thorne, Nazanin Borhan, Claudio Aracena, Yuriy Tyshetskiy
4. Efficient Models, Formulations and Algorithms for Some Variants

Cox, Louis Anthony - Breakthroughs in Decision Science and Risk Analysis, e-bok

Breakthroughs in Decision Science and Risk Analysis

Cox, Louis Anthony


Discover recent powerful advances in the theory, methods, and applications of decision and risk analysis
Focusing on modern advances and innovations in the field of decision analysis (DA), Breakthroughs in Decision Science and Risk Analysis presents theories and methods for making, improving,

Kim, Haenakon - Advances in Technology and Management, e-bok

Advances in Technology and Management

Kim, Haenakon


Study on Innovation in Compensation Management in Modern Enterprise with Incentive Orientation
Fu Duanxiang
13. Theoretical and Empirical Analysis on Industry Conversion in Resource-Based Cities in China
Wang Chuanhong, Hu Ping, Xiong Ying, Liu Geng