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Zägelein, Walter - Move for Life, e-bok

Move for Life

Zägelein, Walter


Table of contents
1. Lebenserwartung gestern, heute und morgen
Walter Zägelein
2. Bewegung und Gesundheit
Walter Zägelein
3. Das Betriebsverhalten des menschlichen Antriebs
Walter Zägelein
4. Der Trainingseffekt – immer höher, immer weiter, immer schneller
Walter Zägelein
5. Sport ist

Linde, Peter - The Hunt for Alien Life, e-bok

The Hunt for Alien Life

Linde, Peter


Table of contents
1. A Cosmic Perspective
Peter Linde
2. How Is a Planetary System Formed?
Peter Linde
3. The Development of Life on Earth
Peter Linde
4. Alien Life at Close Range?
Peter Linde
5. Exoplanets—From Speculation to Reality
Peter Linde
6. A Menagerie of Planets

Jones, Barrie W. - The Search for Life Continued, e-bok

The Search for Life Continued

Jones, Barrie W.


Extraterrestrial life in the Solar System?
7. Habitats beyond the Solar System?
8. Searching for exoplanets by obtaining images
9. Searching for exoplanets by stellar photometry
10. Searching for exoplanets by detecting the motion of their stars

Ouyang, Yun - Applied Sciences in Graphic Communication and Packaging, e-bok

Applied Sciences in Graphic Communication and Packaging

Ouyang, Yun


Study on the Life Cycle Assessment of Folding Carton
Mengting Li, Guorong Cao, Lizheng Zhang, Yabo Fu
58. Study on the Cushion Performance of the Cushion Material Composed of EPE and Corrugated Paperboard
Xiaoli Song, Gaimei Zhang, Jiandong Lu, Lizheng