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Boutillier, Sophie - Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, e-bok

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Boutillier, Sophie


This books aims at showing that entrepreneurial ecosystems have their roots in the history of economic thought and that scholars have long been conscious of their importance. Instead of insisting upon the diversity of agents involved in these organizations, it also

Mercier-Laurent, Eunika - The Innovation Biosphere, e-bok

The Innovation Biosphere

Mercier-Laurent, Eunika


This topic is considered in the context of natural and digital ecosystems powered by intelligent assistants (technology). Chapter 1 positions the innovation as a process and component of ecosystems including research, enterprises,

Hall, Charles A.S. - Energy Return on Investment, e-bok

Energy Return on Investment

Hall, Charles A.S.


Table of contents
Part I. Energy and Investments
1. Investments
Charles A. S. Hall
2. The Development of the Laws of Thermodynamics
Charles A. S. Hall
3. About Energy
Charles A. S. Hall
4. Energy and the Physical World

Cook, Hadrian F. - The Protection and Conservation of Water Resources, e-bok

The Protection and Conservation of Water Resources

Cook, Hadrian F.


It is about water resources, their conservation, protection of water quality for human consumption and aquatic ecosystems. Since the publication of the first edition in 1998, major political and regulatory changes have taken place; this book provides a clear and comprehensive

Gosselink, James G. - Wetlands, e-bok


Gosselink, James G.


Due to popular demand, the authors have brought back five streamlined chapters on wetland ecosystems that had been removed from previous editions, and provided more robust ancillary materials including an online color photo gallery, PowerPoint slides, and several video