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Spreng, Daniel - Tackling Long-Term Global Energy Problems, e-bok

Tackling Long-Term Global Energy Problems

Spreng, Daniel


A Socio-Cultural Analysis of Changing Household Electricity Consumption in India
Harold Wilhite
7. The Changing Context for Efforts to Avoid the ‘Curse of Oil’
Jill Shankleman
8. Contributions of Economics and Ethics to an Assessment of Emissions

Zeng, Dehuai - Advances in Computer Science and Engineering, e-bok

Advances in Computer Science and Engineering

Zeng, Dehuai


The Study on the Effects of Bank Employees’ Perceptions of Organizational Politics to Job Performance
Shouming Zhang, Yanmei Yang
66. Research on Resource Integration of New Venture
Chenglin Rong
67. Efficacy Coefficient and Fuzzy Triangular Based