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Walker, Anthony - Project Management in Construction, e-bok

Project Management in Construction

Walker, Anthony


As with all previous editions of   ProjectManagement in Construction, this sixth edition focuses onsystems theory as the approach suitable for organizing and managingpeople skilled in the design and completion of constructionprojects. It discusses…

Awange, Joseph L. - Surveying for Civil and Mine Engineers, e-bok

Surveying for Civil and Mine Engineers

Awange, Joseph L.


Table of contents
1. Fundamental Surveying
John Walker, Joseph L. Awange
2. Levelling
John Walker, Joseph L. Awange
3. Relief and Vertical Sections
John Walker, Joseph L. Awange
4. Total Station: Measurements and Computations
John Walker, Joseph L. Awange
5. Traversing
John Walker, Joseph

Bates, Juliet - Converged Multimedia Networks, e-bok

Converged Multimedia Networks

Bates, Juliet


This book focuses largely on enabling technologies for network convergence.  A principal aim is to show where parallel functions exist in fixed and mobile voice network architectures and to explain how these functions will be combined. The authors…

 - Julie Snow Architects, e-bok

Julie Snow Architects


Table of contents
1. Julie Snow: The Rugged and the Refined
Janet Abrams
2. Chronology
3. Selected Bibliography
4. Studio Members
5. Selected Projects
6. Short Run Production
7. Origen Center
8. QMR Production
9. Product Engineering
10. Fifth Precinct Station
11. Jerstad

Eickhoff, Jens - A Combined Data and Power Management Infrastructure, e-bok

A Combined Data and Power Management Infrastructure

Eickhoff, Jens


Table of contents
1. The System Design Concept
Jens Eickhoff
2. The OBC Processor-Boards
Sam Stratton, Dave Stevenson
3. The I/O-Boards
Barry M. Cook, Paul Walker, Roger Peel
4. The CCSDS Decoder/Encoder Boards
Sandi Habinc
5. The OBC Power-Boards
Rouven Witt, Manfred Hartling
6. The